The Virgin Diamond™ by DiamondPower™ offers a unique proposition for natural diamond buyers. The Virgin Diamond™ is a mine-to-hand diamond that ensures a meticulous process from mining to customer delivery.

Unlike traditional diamond sellers, The Virgin Diamond™ is NEVER made available from retailer stock. To obtain a Virgin Diamond™ you must request a Virgin Diamond™ through worldwide network jewelry professionals and gemologists who can source the diamond through participating diamond manufacturers that adhere to the brand's stringent standards and procedures.

To highlight the special and unique nature of The Virgin Diamond™, the brand offers an exclusive matte white Virgin Diamond™ custom metal credit card. The card features serves as a symbol of authenticity and first ownership status.


Transparency in light of the availability of lab-grown or synthetic diamonds in the market is crucial. The Virgin Diamond™ brand emphasizes that its diamonds are natural diamonds and not lab-grown or synthetic.

The Virgin Diamond™ is available in any carat weight, cut, clarity, and color, encompassing the traditional 4Cs (carat, cut, clarity, and color) of diamond grading. When purchasing a Virgin Diamond™, customers can expect to receive a grading report that provides detailed information about the diamond's quality.

How to BuyTM

Jewelry professionals and gemologist worldwide can request a Virgin Diamond™ from our manufacturing partners on behalf of customers. The Virgin Diamond™ recognizes the importance of ensuring the legitimacy of its brand and has implemented several measures to provide confidence to buyers.

This process involves verifying the diamond issued by a manufacturing partner that adheres to the brand's strict standards. It is important to note that DiamondPower™ is not involved in the sourcing, pricing, or selling of the diamond, and we do not take any commission from the sale of the diamond. By obtaining the Virgin Diamond card, buyers have tangible proof of the diamond's authenticity, quality, and association with the brand. This verification adds an extra layer of confidence in the sourcing and legitimacy of the diamond.
Requesting a Virgin Diamond™ from a Jewelry Professional:
  • Contact any jeweler or gemologist in the world and express your interest in purchasing a Virgin DiamondTM.
  • Specify your preferences and requirements regarding the diamond's characteristics (e.g., carat weight, cut, color, clarity, etc.).
  • The professional jeweler will source and obtain a Virgin DiamondTM from our authorized diamond manufacturer. Please note: a Virgin DiamondTM is NEVER in stock at a retail establishment.
  • Discuss pricing and any other relevant details directly with the jewelry professional. We are not involved in the sales process or pricing. We do not take a percentage of the diamond sale or commission of any kind.
  • Once you agree on the purchase, follow their instructions of the seller to complete the transaction.
Request a Virgin Diamond™ Card
The history of a diamond begins with you, and the card validates it! The Virgin Diamond™ custom credit card is not included with the purchase of a Virgin Diamond. It is a metal credit card that can be upgraded from an existing bank-issued card. To get a Virgin Diamond™ custom credit card, you need to:
  • Purchase an actual Virgin Diamond.
  • Have the seller submit your name to the manufacturer for verification.
  • Submit a valid bank card from any major credit card carrier.
  • The pertinent bank information from your card will be transferred onto a Virgin Diamond card.
  • Your new card will feature the Virgin Diamond logo, the gemological lab, and a partial number of reports on the card.

If you are considering purchasing a Virgin Diamond, we recommend getting the Virgin Diamond credit card. It is a great way to add to the experience and show off your unique purchase.
  • Matte White Card: $695 USD (Exclusive for any size Virgin Diamond™)
  • Matte Black Card: $795 USD (Virgin Diamond™must be 2.00 ct. and Above)
  • Matte Fancy Card: $995 USD (Various color cards available based on Fancy Virgin Diamonds)
Virgin Diamond Cardholder Perks

DiamondPower™ is dedicated to offering transparency and delivering genuine value to its cardholders. By doing so, the company helps customers grasp the importance of natural diamonds as valuable assets. DiamondPower understand technological advances in our industry with lab-grown diamonds in the market. Thus, we offer Virgin Diamond cardholders an unparalleled perk when seeking to purchase lab-grown diamonds. The LGD90™ for Virgin Diamond™ cardholders sets us apart from traditional lab-grown sellers. Our commitment to value and honesty makes it an attractive option for cardholders seeking affordable and transparent lab-grown diamonds as luxury and fashionable item. The LGD90™ concierge service offers transparent pricing at actual cost and fixed fee of $90 for any lab-grown diamond, irrespective of the 4Cs.

The Virgin Diamond™ custom credit card is a way to validate your ownership of a genuine Virgin Diamond. It also offers some exclusive benefits, such as:
  • No annual membership fee
  • Special offers from various luxury sellers and services
  • The ability to track your diamond's journey from mine to finger